Flu Symptoms Checklist

Should my child stay home from school?

☐ Yes     ☐ No     Does your child have a sore throat, bad cough or runny nose?

☐ Yes     ☐ No     Does your child have body aches and chills?

☐ Yes     ☐ No     Does your child have a  fever of 100°F or higher?

  If no thermometer, does your child have: red face, hot or moist skin or fussiness with headache?

If you answer “yes” to two or more questions, your child may have the flu.

Keep your child home until at least 24 hours after they’ve completely recovered. There is no need to send a doctor’s note when they return to school.

Should I take my child to a healthcare provider?

During the flu season, use the same judgment you would normally use. If you usually wouldn’t see a healthcare provider for the symptoms your child has, you don’t need to see one now.

If your child is ill enough that you would normally make an appointment, call your healthcare provider. Be alert for signs your child has trouble breathing or isn’t drinking enough fluids.

If your child is at high risk for flu complications (asthma, diabetes or auto-immune disorders) there is a medication that may help. Call your healthcare provider for advice.